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Old flies/lures or lures made to look old

  • April 02, 2016 1:02 AM
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    I got these from my dad when he passed. I don't know if they are collectable lures/flies or just cheap display items. If anybody has any interest or knowledge in this area please look at my profile page for the photos as that is the only way I could post a pic. I don't know how to attach it here. 

    Thanks,   Dustin

  • April 03, 2016 8:23 AM
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    I know there are collectors of old fishing lures in Washington.  They have a booth at most of the sportsman shows.  I know they have been at the show in Puyallup for years.  The organization for lure collecting is NFLCC - National Fishing Lure Collecting Club.  Looking at their website they just had a local show in Kelso this past Friday and Saturday.  I would recommend contacting some of their folks who can put you in touch with someone who could give you some good information.  The website is

    To me the stuff looks like the stuff i saw on the shelves when i was young, 1960's so to me not old.  Sorry i could not resist that one.


  • July 09, 2016 8:20 AM
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    Those are cool. To me they look old, like 1950s or 60s, but not necessarily "antique." Many of them look like trolling lures to me. I'm no expert.

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