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November Meeting Speaker

November 09, 2016 10:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Lucas Young will be the speaker at the November 17th meeting. 

He went to school at Colorado State University, received his B.S. in Fishery Biology in 2008, then worked seasonally doing fisheries work around the west up until 2014. In between seasons he would travel down to New Zealand to fish and explore on my own time. In 2014 I started working at Far Bank (Sage, Redington and RIO,) and spent time both in the warranty department repairing broken dreams and also as a product knowledge expert offering technical support on the phones and through e-mail. He taught myself photography along the way and use it to document and share my experiences with others. 

Lucas will focus on some of the cool but relatively unexplored fishing opportunities around Washington that might be of interest to the members: ling cod fishing in the Sound, bull and cutthroat trout in the salt, and other warm water fisheries in the eastern part of the state like bass and carp around the middle reaches of the Columbia River. 

He would also like to talk with some of the younger folks about the opportunities that exist working in fisheries. He has lived and worked in some amazing places as a result, from Jackson Hole to the Olympic Peninsula and all the way out to the western coast of Alaska while working on remote salmon weirs. 

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